Start to install Kaspersky already purchased - you just need to create a Kaspersky account and then redeem your activation code inside the account. Then download and run your program. All the steps to install Kaspersky already purchased are described in the below section properly.install Kaspersky already purchased | To activate Kaspersky read this blog step by step process

First of all, to activate the commercial version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016, use a 20-digit activation code. You can find the activation code on the Quick Start Guide if you have a boxed version or in the message sent to your e-mail if you bought the code in the online store. If you do not have an activation code, buy it at the Kaspersky Lab official e-Store.So, now I expect you have an activation code. Go to my.kaspersky.comNow click on Sign up option on this pageIf you already have Kaspersky account before click sign inWhen you will sign up you need to put your email and need to create a new password for the Kaspersky account.As a result of sign up, you will get a verification email by KasperskySo now go to your given email and verify to complete the Kaspersky account verificationwhen you will click on the verification email link, it will redirect you to your Kaspersky account.Finally, you will get the place to add your activation code Put your activation code here.Now on the same page, you will find tab download, just click on thatIt seems like you got your product listed right!Just click to downloadAfter downloading just run the product. Now you are done.


reinstall Kaspersky with activation code | Another way to install Kaspersky with activation code, if you already have a Kaspersky on the computer and it is expired

First of all , just open your expired install Kaspersky already purchased.On the right bottom corner, you will find an option “licensing”. Just click on that.So now a new tab in the software is open and on top you have a key written.Because you want to change the product key, hence click on the “red cross” in front of the key.It seems like it is prompting “Are you sure you want to delete key” click on delete.Now click on “activate application” and put the new key.Finally, click on activate.

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